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Naval Architect consultant, with over 40 years experience in ship and boat design., Boat Surveyor, Yacht surveyor.

Boat Surveys, Yacht Surveys, Marine Surveyor






Cooke Naval Architect 


Consultants Inc.







Consultant Marine Architect with over

40 years experience in the marine field. Certified Small Craft and Boat Surveyor, Yacht Surveyor and qualified in

Shipdesign and shipyard production in self-unloading Bulk Carriers.

Registered Professional Engineer in Ontario (P.Eng.) and the United Kingdom.(C.Eng).




Design services, structural arrangements, General arrangements, specification writing, drawings review for Owner's, damage stability, intact stability etc.

Small craft Surveys, including


Small vessel compliance documents




Current projects:

design of 15,000 to 70,000 t DWT self-unloading vessels.

Yacht and Boat Surveys


Latest News                                                   Phone (+1)905 309 5700

Currently working on designs of self-unloading vessels, both newbuilding and conversion from existing Bulk Carriers.

 Yacht Surveys, Boat Surveys for pre-purchase and insurance. Small Commercial Vessel Compliance Surveys,  IIMS international Institute of Marine Surveying


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